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  • About the Artist

    Joel is an award winning, internationally recognized photographer and digital artist who specializes in creative imaging for advertising. Joel likes to make a statement with his work and loves to take concepts through all phases of production. Born in Puerto Rico he grew up watching his father take pictures and listened to his mother tell stories of her modeling days. This combination of image making and storytelling combined with exposure to different cultures while in the Marines, inspired Joel to become a photographer. 2012 was a turning point for Joel and he decided to go with his gut - he enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas where he learned fundamentals of fine art in photography and post-production. After graduation Joel assisted a prominent Dallas lifestyle photographer both on set and as a retoucher. Joel spends his free time concepting and producing creative projects, playing sports and practices martial arts when he can. If he's not hanging with us in the treehouse, you'll probably find him at one of his favorite pizza places.