Promised Land - Location Shoot vs. CGI

Here we're showing you the possibilites of replacing a location photo production with a CGI environment. The hero shot above was photographed on-location, in a home, and required a mid-sized crew who helped set up the scene.  In the shots below, the kitchen environments were rendered using 3d stock models sourced online where a variety of options are available.  Thanks to all of these options, using CGI backgrounds can simplify the production process and potentially reduce the cost and hassle of traditional production while still achieving your creative vision. The talent can be photographed in-studio with lighting that matches the chosen environment and then integrated into the shot.

talent photo ready for placement into cgi background

3D model of kitchen environment


Final Image - Background changed to modern kitchen



Examples of pre-built 3D environment options available

Alternative Kitchen Environment Wireframe

Final Image - Talent inside new cgi kitchen