Explore the Possibilities

Back-to-School is a significant event for many families so each year Frito-Lay looks for ways to acknowledge it.  In order to create this image, we enhanced the model photography by popping the color on their spacesuits, adding texture to them as well as the models themselves.  We also enhanced the suits with logos and other details to brand the image. Using Modo, we created the school bus space shuttle, the Explore the Possibilities rocket booster & the Lunch Zone platform to convey their message on an in-store POP display.  


Photograpy by Paul Aresu had the energy and action needed to envision a real trip to school on the Space Bus and bring this shot to life. Notice the globe space helments which were added during compositing.

3D Assets

This campaign was out of this world requiring lots of CG modeling and texturing. The slideshow below contains before and after shots showing how the primary elements in the scene were constructed.

    Background Image Creation

    The time lapse video below shows the compositing used to create the space galaxy background, this is a combination of stock photos, illustration and CG elements.