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Content Creation

Whether you're an Agency Creative or Marketing Guru you need partners you can trust when it comes to creating high-quality content. Consumers crave rich and unique content. Content that draws you in, content you want and seek for yourself and for your brand. At StudioTribe we know the importance that quality content brings, we've devoted our careers to creating it. It's what we do, we provide content as a service, photography, creative imaging, CGI, animation, video and more for all media uses. Put us to work for you, you'll be glad you did.

All Hail the King!

Our Team

William Wardy

William Wardy – Image Maker, Drone Photographer, Biker

William's lifelong quest for the perfect image began back in middle school. He was fascinated by photography and how the world looked different behind a lens. While practicing his craft working at a custom photo lab, his love of computers naturally evolved into becoming an image maker. His passion for visual expression drove him to learn 3D as another tool to put in his toolbox. William has many years of experience as a High-End Retoucher, Graphic Artist, Photographer, and 3D Illustrator and here at StudioTribe, these skills are utilized constantly. When taking a break from his quest for the perfect image, William enjoys riding on anything with two wheels - he has a Specialized and a Ducati here at the studio in case he can break away for a quick spin. He’s even known to take a drone along - not your typical biker dude behavior.

Valerie Moore

Valerie Moore – Illustrator, Retoucher, Painter, Altruist

Valerie is an Illustrator and Creative Imaging Artist,her college experience at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA concentrated on fine art, illustration and painting. She possesses a deep understanding of Photoshop and has developed her own unique illustrative look and creative style which she commonly draws upon to impress her clients when creating photorealistic illustration work. Valerie truly enjoys working in close collaboration with art directors and photographers; clients love the fact that she brings her own artistic input to their projects. Valerie often expands and enhances her clients’ vision and is always laser focused on making sure that their projects are successful. As a veteran in creating stunning advertising imagery, Valerie has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of nationally recognized brands and always brings unique insight and a fresh approach to the work. With a husband and two sons, Valerie doesn't have much spare time but if she did, she would spend it painting or . . . shopping, a creative journey in its own right.

Thomas "Tommy" Tate

Thomas "Tommy" Tate – Retoucher, Video Editor, Gamer, well... sorta...

Pablo Picasso said “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls,” and Thomas Tate has been living that vision since he was an advertising intern in high school. Utilizing tools that were introduced early in his career, Tommy’ s imaging roots began at a fast-growing premedia company in the DFW area . He rapidly became a leader in photorealistic retouching and added video editing to his repertoire. In 2012, Tommy dusted off his daily life and joined some friends in artistic pursuits here at StudioTribe. When he’s not creating images at the studio, he’s creating fun at home with his wife, a modern-style dance instructor, his two young sons, and their obsessive Border Collie, Indy, who’s got a a loud bark but no bite. His home is where a lot of grilling, ball-playing, and real-life inspiration happens. Oh yeah, he also loves him some craft beer & Lego Batman.

Joel Parés

Joel Parés – Photographer, Marine, Pizza Addict

Joel is an award-winning, internationally recognized photographer who specializes in creative imaging for advertising. Joel likes to make a statement with his work and loves to take concepts through all phases of production. Born in Puerto Rico he grew up watching his father take pictures and listened to his mother tell stories of her modeling days. This combination of image making and storytelling combined with exposure to different cultures while in the Marines, inspired Joel to become a photographer. 2012 was a turning point for Joel and he decided to go with his gut - he enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas where he learned fundamentals of fine art in photography and post-production. After graduation, Joel assisted a prominent Dallas lifestyle photographer both on set and as a retoucher. Joel spends his free time concepting and producing creative projects, playing sports and practices martial arts when he can. If he's not hanging with us in the treehouse, you'll probably find him at one of his favorite pizza places.

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson – Client Services, Bean Counter, Camp Counselor

Mark has spent the majority of his advertising career as a client advocate. His calm demeanor lends himself well to being an invaluable liaison between clients and artists. Mark's role begins with discussions of scope and timing he then pulls together just the right team to bring the project and creative vision to reality; keeping everything on time and budget. Amazing! Mark’s motto has always been, and will continue to be... “Shaking that bush Boss”... circa 1967, Cool Hand Luke. In what spare time he has, Mark enjoys watching his son play sports, always has a few home improvement projects going, & also likes to squeeze in a camping trip now & then.

Kyle Wood

Kyle Wood – Imagician, People Pleaser, Rollerblader

Kyle was intent on working here as soon as he laid his eyes on the variety and quality of projects we’re being awarded. As an accomplished photographer, illustrator, retoucher & 3D artist, he was looking for a place that would utilize all of his skills and challenge him creatively. His artistic influences include MC Escher, Dali, Andrew Wyeth & Frank Frazetta. In a previous position with an online retailer, Kyle was responsible for photo-realistically rendering products from concept sketches that had not been manufactured yet, he was then measured based on sales of the items and how well they performed online, all from imagery of products that did not yet exist! Here at StudioTribe, Kyle fits in seamlessly and has hit the ground running, tackling a photo shoot on his first day for example. At home Kyle enjoys his time being outdoors with his kids, rollerblading, and gardening, the land as his canvas.

Sue Navarette

Sue Navarette – Accountant Extraordinaire, Organizer/Overplanner, Globetrotter

Sue was born and raised in Wichita, KS with accounting in her blood. We get to benefit from not only her experience but also her father’s as he is a retired accountant/CFO and she’s not scared to pick up the phone and ask his advice on the pros/cons of booking an entry. She loves balance, something that a company full of artists certainly requires. Moreover, she’s well known in business and in her family for organization and for making spreadsheets – “what’s in the freezer” spreadsheets, cleaning spreadsheets, birthday spreadsheets, and even fudge & peanut brittle spreadsheets (this is one that you want to get your name on!). We are making her sound so buttoned up that you would think she doesn’t know how to have fun. Contraire Mofrair – Sue loves to get out of her comfort zone and see the world – with having visited over 14 international cities and many more still on her bucket “spreadsheet”, our books better balance so she can get outta dodge.

Tree Logomark

Why The Tree

Remember when you were a kid, that childhood imagination, limitless creativity and anything, absolutely anything was possible – that is the way we feel here every day at StudioTribe. It’s not just a studio, it’s a clubhouse – our fort to protect us from the routine and boring, a treehouse high in the canopy where ideas flourish, kids play and smile a lot (adults too).

It’s a place where ideas have wings, where “no” isn’t an option, where people care about details that make things special and unique, and where you are free to explore and be inspired to do great things.

We made a pact that life is too short not to enjoy each & every day; we challenge each other and use our collective skills to bring dreams to reality. You see, we have a well-established sort of camaraderie you typically only experience once in a lifetime with your childhood pals. For sure, there are some perks to having this type of uninhibited relationship with your co-workers –

1. You look forward to coming to work each day
2. You get some help when you need it
3. You always have someone to play with

The biggest benefit of our camaraderie, however, is experienced by our clients – unbridled creativity and collaboration. We approach every project with wide-eyed enthusiasm and an intense zeal for what CAN be.

So, climb with us, up into the trees, we’ll take your concepts to heights you’ve never imagined and get it all done before mom calls us home for dinner.

An Image Design Studio

We are a studio of artists, animators, and problem solvers. If you’re looking for a seasoned creative production team to take your project to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. We approach projects by listening, researching, and thinking. We believe successful projects come from active collaboration between client and artist. Our goal is to provide you with imaginative ideas and design-oriented solutions to make your visual content unique and stand above.