Goodyear - WeatherReady Tire Program

Two hero images created to promote Goodyear's new WeatherReady tire. This new tire performs at it's best in the worst weather conditions. Our job was to convey this visually and provide a dramatic backdrop for our client's messaging and product offer. Working from two stock phographs taken in the early morning on a clear day, we transformed the photos into stormy nightime scenes capable of intimating even the most confident driver. Since the cars in the original photos were shot clean and dry we needed to add rain both to the environment and also onto the cars themselves. We used stock photography of a wet road, splashes and falling rain to build up the environment but for the car we needed a surface to catch the rain drops. Working from a 3D model of a similar style car we were able to generate realistic looking rain drops that fit the surface contours of the car which we could then composite into our scene and complete the transformation.