Publix - Super Bowl Sailgating

An excellent example of using stock 3d assets to solve a complicated logistical problem with location photography. Concept is to feature a lifestyle photography scene of Super Bowl party goers on a boat enjoying the game with plenty of the sponsors products. Setting up the shot on location was too costly, so we entertained the idea of renting a boat and brining it into the studio for the shoot. But when comparing cost and creative flexibility to using a stock 3d asset for the boat and compositing with lifestyle photography, aquiring a physical boat just didn't make sense. Below are some behind the scenes photos of how this shot came together from original client comp, to photography and asset creation.

original comp / layout

Stock 3d Assets

Lighting Test

The composite image above was assembled prior to our talent shoot in studio and was used as a guide for our photographer in setting up lighting to match the scene and also for composition. Note: the guy standing at the front of the boat in gray shorts and t-shirt is a 3D model (not human) and placed as a lighting stand-in.

finished render of boat deck

Lifestyle photography in studio

stock background photos

3d render of inflatable display screen