Wendy's - House of Fryght

To help kick off a new Wendy's promotion showcasing their newly reinvented "Hot & Crispy" fries, our client produced this amazing pop-up Haunted House experience on-site near Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL. 

At 60' wide by 25' tall, the massive front facade set the tone for the nightmare of "soggy frys" that waited inside. Inside the "House of Fryght", 8' high wall graphics seamlessly lined each themed room and set the tone for each experience. We were tasked with producing the exterior and interior printed graphics (over 30 separate elements) within a very short timeline. Using our integrated expertise of 3D, Illustration, Photography and Creative Imaging, our team brought this concept to life in record time.

For an interactive 3D experience showcasing how all these elements came together, CLICK HERE.

Interactive scene



On-site images

Walkthrough video