Goodyear - Dale Jr. Signature Video

The challenge: Animate Dale Earnhardt Jr. writing his signature with the burned rubber tire tracks from his car! We started by quickly comping together an animatic to work through the concept compositionally. Using 3D techniques combined with some post production camera work we got a fun result that gets the viewer so close to the action it feels like you're riding along with Dale Jr.

Original Storyboard

This is the provided client-approved storyboard. Working through various itterations of animatics we adapted our artwork to bring our clients vision to life.

Tire Mark Creation

The tire marks were drawn in Photoshop and then animated in 3D. The animation was meant to simulate a car driving and leaving behind tire marks. While tread marks tend to be a bit noisy, we decided to make them solid black bars instead to help with legibility. 

Bringing It Into 3D

Once the tire marks were created, we imported them into our 3D application where a camera was animated along a parallel path to simulate the car driving. Toward the end, the camera pans out and switches view for the reveal.

Bringing The Dust

In post, we used particles to generate dust in the foreground to tie the piece together for a holistic feel.

Sound Editing To Wrap It Up

Finally, we layered several audio files over our animation for the final touch. Getting the sound right brings the full force of NASCAR front and center.