Animated Teaser for Cheetos Pop-up Restaurant in LA

This was the handy work of Kyle Wood, one of our talented motion graphics artists.  It was created for an online promotion of the Cheetos pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles, CA.

Deconstructing A Still Image

With a still image provided of a brick wall with a neon sign and a flaming grill. We needed to bring this to life for a repeating six seconds. First task was to outline and turn off the neon sign, then create connective wires and relight it. The brick needed to be lit 3 dimensionally. In After Effects, these two images were combined and set to a flicker on effect.

    Heating It Up

    Next it was onto removing the grill at the bottom and bringing in burning wood bellow. The burning wood was animated with a similar technique we will describe about the fire creation.

    Animated Procedural Flames - How To

    Looping Time Seamlessly: The trick with the flames was to make them continue seamlessly. We started with two tile-able animated textures in Photoshop. One moves slower. The other moves faster. Animating them over six seconds on top of each other on various layers with various composite controls, resulted in an undulation of organic shapes moving upwards. See example. 

      Post Production

      This was rendered out and brought onto After Effects. It was used to displace colored flame shapes that undulated with vector masks to create the fire effect seen in the end result. To add a bit of finishing touch, the fire was given a large outer glow to help light up the environment. One fire flash was added as well to give more realism. The fire itself was a bit harsh at first, so a slight motion blur was added and there it is.