Frito-Lay Operation Smiles Campaign

It always brings a smile to our face to help our clients - especially when we get to be a part of projects like this one. We were asked to make these smiles the absolute best that they can be. Through the magic of photo illustration and retouching we created imagery destined to go viral in this selfie inspired campaign. We even did a series of celebrity smiles which helped inspire TV personalities to take their own selfies on-air and generate buz around the promotion. Frito-Lay donated a portion of their proceeds from the sale of these bags to Operation Smile, an international children's medical charity dedicated to improving the health & lives of children and young adults worldwide who suffer from cleft conditions by providing access to safe surgical care.

Original Photography

Smiles by the Numbers

We created over 100 stylized smiles, altering colors to fit within the packaging design and enhancing each of them for maximum selfie fun. After all, it is all about the smile!

Product In-Use Photos :-)