This campaign for Shiner required a depiction of Shiner's actual real-world 1959 Ford F-100 restored by the guys over at Gas Monkey Garage. A photoshoot was out of the question, so we turned to another handy tool in our arsenal to bring this to life - CGI. Every element in this scene was recreated as a 3d asset to give us full control over lighting and composition. The results speak for themselves.

Truck Reference


With the ability to style a wide variety of condensation types, the client chose to keep things clean and simple with this fine mist.

Prepping the fruit for market!

Using ridgid-body dynamics to simulate the physics of our fruits, we had full control of the amount we would need to fill our boxes. The results are much more natural than if placed by hand, and let's be real... who want's to manually place 1500 dewberries? PER BOX!!

Scene layout

Having a virtual photo set means you have full control over every aspect, including lighting these bottles with the perfect glow from behind.