Shiner - Summer Social Media Content

Content creation for Shiners' summer social media campaigns "Toast Our Troops", "Air Drop - Reinforcements For Our Troops" and "Shiner Sea Salt & Lime - Message In A Bottle".

Packaging Hero - Toast Our Troops

This hero packaging shot was created from flat mechanical artwork, after folding and rendering in 3D it was retouched to add worn and distressed areas and slight impressions of the cans inside.

Air Drop

Assets for this looping animation were built in 3d, we used a cloth simulation tool to give realistic details to the parachute. Rendered drop shadows add life to this piece as they are seen changing when the objects float past the camera lens in perspective. Compositing in After Effects allows us to edit and adjust the timing of everything post rendering for increased creative flexibility.

Message in a bottle

Working from a provided stock photo of the beach and a still rendering for the label we created a new glass bottle to insert into the scene, complete with bubbles inside, light refraction and reflections to match the environment. Realistic touches of sand and sea foam finish it off.