Jack Black is the Balm

A virtual package of this special product grouping was constructed to match the packaging die line, then folded as it would be in real life. Once the 3D package was constructed, we placed it into a virtual photo set and gave it heroic lighting, some creative camera angles to show off the beauty of the design and display the product in the best possible light.

How do we do it?

Starting with a packaging dieline, provided by our client we import it into our 3D application, fold it up and add thickness to represent the creases in the material accurately. From there, we work with surface textures and materials to make the product shine in a better than real life representation. After surfacing we place the product in a virtual photo set, adding realistic lighing, shadows and reflections. The benefit of this process for our customer is achieving a high level of beauty and realisim for their products and also having the flexibility of changing angles and rendering additional shots of the product for other uses without having to start over as in a traditional photo process.