Jack Black is the Balm

A virtual package of this special product grouping was constructed to match the packaging die line, then folded as it would be in real life. Once the 3D package was constructed, we placed it into a virtual photo set and gave it heroic lighting, some fancy camera angles to show off the beauty of the design and display the product in the best possible way.

How do we do it?

In our process, we start with a packaging dieline, given to us by the client, and then we bring it into 3D. From there, we do a lot of material and texture work to make sure the box looks cleaner than ever thought possible. Our goal is to get the product as far along as we can, three-dimensionally, so that once we render & take it into Photoshop, any changes that we, or our client wants to make are subjective. Furthermore, we set up the final image files in a way that allows edits to be made quickly. We do this by rendering a lot of Alphas in the aforementioned 3D portion of the project.