Nissan Face Paint College promotions

There is nothing more exciting than cheering on your favorite team. Nissan wanted to show personalized excitement with face-painted fans in the colors of over 100 college teams. Initially, these were all stock images. The challenge was to bring all of them into a common, stylized look and prepare them to change both shirt colors and face paint to multiple team colors. Kyle, one of our senior artists, hand-painted several masks that were scanned and prepared on each of the stock images so that each could quickly be changed to all the desired college team colors in Photoshop. 

    Project Kickoff

    Here's a small sample of the stock images that were provided for us to start. Obviously they are less colorful than the final product, however, we enjoyed reviewing each one and coming up with a plan to apply the right team colors on the right images in the most realistic way possible.

    Facepainting at its Finest

    These hand-painted masks give the face paint its detail to really make these images look great.