Frito-Lay Halloween Promotion

Sweet ADDY Gold! We teamed up with the gang at The Marketing Arm and photographer Randal Ford to create this series of images for Frito-Lay┬«. Working from studio photography of the family inside the carriage and of the horse in different poses, StudioTribe created the entire scene including the stagecoach, the spooky backgrounds and the armor for the horses. This being a multi-piece POS campaign, the stagecoach and horses would be viewed at several different angles so it was crucial to create this artwork in 3D so it could be rotated as needed.  

Character Development

Through several rounds of concept sketches, we developed the look and feel of our carriage lantern. It ended up being a hybrid of old world architectural detail and a human hand. Once our client selected their favorite, we moved on to 3D modeling and sculpting and provided shaded renders for approval of the final form. From there, antiqued metallic textures were added, along with painted details for distressing. The look was finalized with environmental lighting and rendering in preparation for compositing.

Armor Development

The design and planning of the armor detail was worked out in a flat art stage first using two views of a proxy horse body. Once we had the basic armor plate arrangement sketched out and approved, we moved on to modeling it in 3D.  First, in a simple flat shaded layout, and then coming back in with intricate, hammered detail including a breastplate decorated with a skull and wings.

Hand-Painted Detail

This project provided plenty of opportunities for our artists to flex their illustrative muscle; for example, this hand-painted jack-o'-lantern done on weathered boards.

3D Wireframe