Jarritos Mexican Cola - Social Videos

This was a spirited and incredibly fun yet challenging project. We partnered with the wonderful folks at WALO to create this piece for Jarritos MXCN Cola in the spirit of Dia de los Muertos. Collaboration was key as we used several techniques to get the desired result. Techniques ranging from actually sculpting a physical 3D set piece to recording motion capture for animation were used to achieve the great effects. The goal was to make an attractive and convincing 2D/3D composition.  WALO brought home a bronze ADDY for this commemorative creation.  

Shoot Day #1:  Motion Capture:

Photographer/Videographer, Joel Parés’, shot the green screen footage while Animator, Paul Miller, captured the motion data needed to make the characters come to life.

Shoot Day #2: The Altar:

An elaborate set was created for filming the altar for the above ground segments.   Old photos, frames, beads, bread and many other wonderful offerings were sourced to style the Muy Autentíco scene, along with hand carved and painted styrofoam tombstones, marigolds and candles . . . lots & lots of candles.

Shoot Day #3: The Underworld:

A miniature set was constructed and filmed to create the environment for the underworld scenes.   Our artist, Kyle Wood, meticulously built a miniature model of the underworld using modeling clay, dirt, teeny-tiny rocks, cardboard, and glue.   The Mayan temple designs in the back of the crypt were carved by hand for authenticity.

    CG Asset Preparation

    At the same time physical props and sets were being built & filmed, 3D artist, William Wardy, was busy modeling, texturing and lighting the 3D artwork created in preparation for animation.

    Hand Painted Detail

    Rigging and Motion Capture

    Once the 3D models were ready, the animation phase began by “rigging” the skeleton characters.   The motion capture data was then transferred to the skeleton characters and tweaked for better tracking to enhance the visual story.

    Post Production

    As the various assets were coming together, Post-production Editor, Tommy Tate, built the foundation for the scenes; first with animatics that he created using WALO’s storyboards, cutting them to music, layering in the composited 2D assets & effects, and then animating for final cuts.  Valerie Moore, our Digital Artist, did the final color grading bringing all the visuals to life.