Mountain Dew/Doritos Hoops Campaign

This was a multi-piece POP campaign for Pepsico that required some mad skills in 3D, Painter, and Photoshop so our team got to work!  Starting from some loose sketches, Tribe Artist, Valerie Moore, stylized the red & green players, the ball, and the logo. Each player was overpainted by hand to create the brush strokes effect. Then, the original images had a filter applied in Painter to create the sketch lines. As the final step, she then took the images into Photoshop to apply a gradient map, threshold and some fancy finishing touches.  We're hoping we get more than two points for this one.  

    Flowing Wood Floors

    These were produced in 3D by Tribe Artist, William Wardy.  Using the sketches provided, he started the project by creating some wireframes for size reference and to be used in the final art.  The wooden floor illustration artwork was applied and brought through interacting with the stylized player images to create impact in-store for our agency's client, Frito Lay.